Hi! I'm Alberto Priore, a web developer based in Pordenone, Italy, turned freelance in 2013.

My 10 years experience in building digital projects with brands, businesses and start-ups for the web world, gives me the possibility to meet great people, learn and appreciate how different digital realities work.

Outside of working life, I'm an husband since 2016, a father in love since 2018, a basketball player and I would like to be a guitar player.

If you got an idea, want to collaborate or simply talk about the best Netflix series, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


In my professional life I've covered different roles: Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Fullstack developer, UI/UX Designer.

Thanks to that, today, I have the opportunity to have an all-round vision of the projects I'm working on, I'm able to work by integrating myself into a project already started, and of course to work with a brand new one following every aspect from the beginning to the end.
I worked sharing the office and, what I tend to prefer, in remote.

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Tech skills:

LaravelRuby on RailsFlaskVue.jsWordpress

More is about to come at my Github account!

A startup based in Treviso with the main focus to bring closer fans with their brands, creator or celebrity with the usage of chatbots interactions.

My main responsibilities concern the development of web administrations for the Saas part of the project and for the web pages used directly inside Facebook Messenger by the users of the product.

I also developed the current website zerogrado.com designed by Giovanni Zanin.

Python, Flask, MySQL, Redis, Javascript, SCSS, React, Facebook API, AWS, Shopify
2017 - 2019

A smart lighting control company.

I made this project from the beginning, curating the development of a custom CMS based on Ruby on Rails and all the parts of the frontend website.

This was a collaboration with Immagine Associati that curated the design and marketing of the project.

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Javascript, SCSS, Mailchimp

Is a Saas e-commerce platform proudly made in Italy owned by Vitamino.

I integrate myself in this project curating the development of new features in the Saas administration parts and in the frontend templating with the role of fullstack web developer.

The project is driven by Vitamino and made in collaboration with his development team.

2014 - 2019

This project was a mini website part of a marketing campaign that was displayed on tv commercial.

I was responsible of the development of the website frontend part and integration with tv commercial API, opening the possibility to have discounts by the time where the commercial was live on tv.

It was a nice challenge!

The design and client management was made in an excellent way by teege.me.

PHP, SCSS, Javascript, Greensock, ScrollMagic
Sequoia National Park, California, USA - 2016

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